Innovated Launching Girder Unveiled for India's High-Speed Rail: 1700 Ton Lifting Capacity, 45m Span!


LG45-1700 deliveryed to India for the HSR via duct erection   at Middle of May

This incredible launching girder boasts a lifting capacity of a whopping 1700 tons, making it one of the most powerful pieces of construction equipment in the industry. With its remarkable strength, it can seamlessly handle and position massive bridge segments with ease, significantly accelerating the construction process.

The launching girder is designed to span an impressive 45 meters, enabling the construction of long and sturdy bridges that can support high-speed trains. This feature ensures smoother and uninterrupted travel for passengers and freight alike.

Speed and efficiency are at the heart of this remarkable technology. The launching girder's high bridge erection efficiency allows it to complete one span in just 3.5 days. This speedy process not only saves valuable construction time but also minimizes disruptions to existing transportation networks

Notably, the launching girder satisfies the requirement for a 3-lane bridge erection, accommodating both current traffic needs and future growth projections.

This versatile feature ensures that India's high-speed railway system will keep up with the demands of a rapidly developing nation.

Despite its immense lifting capacity and span capabilities, the launching girder boasts a relatively low lifting space, totaling only 13 meters. This compact design enables it to work efficiently even in confined construction sites, ensuring it can be used in various terrains and settings.

Safety and clearance are paramount in any construction project, and the launching girder excels in this aspect too. With a ground clearance of just 6.5 meters, it navigates challenging landscapes without compromising on safety standards.

This launching girder is a game-changer. Its exceptional lifting capacity, efficient bridge erection, and compact design have significantly accelerated the progress in building high-speed railway bridges. We are proud of utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance India's rail infrastructure.