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Gantry Crane

The gantry cranes designed by SDI always take overall project requirement into consideration, key components are designed with multiple re-use idea in mind, thus our gantry crane are easily adaptable to different projects, allowing for rapid transportation and assembly/dismantling. 

Design team of SDI has extensive experience on design and construction organization of the gantry crane for over 20 years.

Lifting capacity:ranging from 5tons~1800tons (SDI had designed & made)

SDI gantry cranes are widely applied for:
  • Various Bridge Project (HSR, LRT, MRT, etc. projects)
    (Handling of Rebar Cages, lifting and storing of Precast Girders at Casting Yard; lifting and erection of Precast Bridge Segments, etc.)
  • Subway Tunnel
    (Remove residue soil at Taphole, usually with quite big lifting height /depth)
  • Shipyard
    (Ship hull block transferring, joint and turnover on the dock)
  • Jetty/Port
    (Cargo/Goods handling to barge/ship)
  • Manufacturing factory/workshop/storage yards
    (Lifting & handling of heavy parts/goods)
  • Tailored as per project and customer requirements