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Straddle Carrier

SDI Straddle Carriers – flexible, reliable & efficient, Better Your Site Life!

Straddle Carriers designed and made by SDI with the capacity ranging from 5tons to 1800tons are widely used for various bridge projects and other fields, flexible, reliable and efficient.

  • In 2005, the 1st set of 900t capacity Straddle Carriers were developed and made in China for China HSR projects by NDF (SDI Parent Company) whose key Technology &designers transferred to SDI;
  • 2005~2015, over 90 sets of 900T Capacity Straddle Carriers supplied for China HSR Bridge Projects by NDF;
  • In 2015, two sets of 1800t Capacity Straddle Carriers were designed and made for the on-going Causeway bridge project in Kuwait by SDI;
SDI Straddle Carrier are widely applied for:
  • Various Bridge Project (HSR, LRT, MRT, etc. projects)
    (Handling of Rebar Cages, lifting and storing of Precast Girders at Casting Yard; lifting and erection of Precast Bridge Segments, etc.)
  • Subway Tunnel
    (Remove Residue Soil at Taphole, usually with quit big lifting height /deep)
  • Shipyard
    (Ship hull block transferring, joint and turnover on the dock)
  • Jetty/Port
    (Cargo/Goods handling to barge/ship)
  • Manufacturing Factory/Workshop/Storage Yards
    (Lifting & handling of heavy parts/goods)
  • Tailored as per project and Customer requirements