shan Bay Bridge Project is the branch line of Ningbo and Zhoushan Main Channel Project, which starts from Daishan County and ends at Zhoushan. The total length of the project is 8.176 Km with a construction period of 27 months, which is the shortest among the similar sea-crossing projects.


SDI was awarded the bridge segment erection subcontracting works by operating two sets of Launching Gantries (150t segments/50m span, 180t segments/70m span)A team of 110 experienced and professional engineers, technicians and skilled workers were dispatched for the subcontracting works

Totally about 1,000 pieces of segments was erected from May 2017 to November 2018 equipment assembly and dismantling included. Erection challenges say 70m big span, critical weather conditions of typhoon, storm, tide season was successfully overcame by our team. and a record of erecting 8 pcs of segments per day was made and highly praised by the main contractor.