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Korea Honam High Speed Railway Project, 2010

Full Span Launching Method Equipment

  • Equipment Supplied:1000t Capacity FSLM Equipment
  • Main Specifications:35m Span, 1000 Ton
  • Year:2010

Honam HSR is a high-speed railway line between Osong and Mokpo in South Korea. The line is a part of Korail's Korea Train Express (KTX) system, improving Seoul-Mokpo and Seoul-Gwangju KTX high speed services which presently use the existing conventional Honam Line.

In the year 2010-2011, SDI delivered FSLM equipment to two South Korean contractors working on this project. A full set of FSLM equipment was supplied to SSANGYONG ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION Co. LTD. Comprising 1000T Launching Gantry,

1000T Transporter and a pair of 500T Gantry Cranes. A similar pair of 500 Ton Gantry Cranes were supplied to HYUNDAIENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION Co. LTD..

This was the first set of Chinese large-scaled Bridge Building Equipment ever used for oversea High Speed Railway (HSR) Projects.

More than10Km of the HSR line was built using these FSLM equipment supplied by SDI.