• Sadr Elevated Expressway

Sadr Elevated Expressway, Middle East, 2012

PSM Launching Gantries

  • Equipment Supplied:4 sets of 1000 Ton Launching Gantries
  • Main Specifications:50m span by span erection method
  • Year:2012

SADR Elevated Expressway was built directly above the existing SADR highway, an extremely congested major road in the northern suburbs of Teheran. The expressway is almost 6 km long with twin decks, consisting of 110 spans with a typical span length of 50m.

Forced to follow the existing highway alignment the combination of 6.6% longitudinal slope, transverse slope of 5.2% and a tightest curve radius of 380m was a technical 

challenge for the Launching Gantry design. The limited workspace was also a challenge for the Launching Gantry assembly methods.

SDI supplied 4 No Launching Gantries for the project and was later awarded a separate contract for the LG operation and bridge deck erection on the western half of the project.