SDI supplied Straddle Carrier for Project in Taiwan


On August 16th, 2016, SDI was awarded the contract to supply one set of 180T capacity Straddle Carrier for Xibin Expressway Da’an-Dajia Viaduct Project in Tainwan.

The use of Straddle Carrier in prefabricated bridge segment erection is a breakthrough in the city bridge construction. Compared with the use of PSM Launching Gantry, it has higher safety and higher construction efficiency.

The curved legs design allows the S/C to travel underneath the bridge under construction, therefore it will not take up existing roads, thus no impact on the road traffic. One side of the curved leg can change position to meet the needs of different width of bridge construction. The traveling mechanism adopts hydraulic suspension and hydraulic drive, which has strong adaptability to longitudinal and transverse road slope and uneven road surface. The tire ground pressure is similar to general road transport vehicles, therefore road surface does not require special treatment.